Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Isn’t the Next Step to Organize the Workers?

...because the goal of the average French student is to have a guaranteed job for life.

From Le Figaro:

According to the trade union SUD-Student, some 40.000 students prostitute themselves, in particular via the Internet and in “hostess” bars.
So much so, that the “fake student” routine is the hottest sales gimmick going at the moment. It seems nothing, and I mean nothing gets by even Le Figaro without a Neo-Com spin to it though:
A consequence of the impoverishment of students, it’s also of the growing vision of a consumerist society, the phenomenon is largely overlooked by social services and universities. In fact, no study was undertaken on the subject. Only the trade union SUD-Student dared present any statistics.
Others hardly seem like students at all, seeking the image of youth and an explanation for their “bumpsen für Euros” other than being on the “Blutarsky Plan”. Basically, these hos are “students” in the same way 37 year old rioters are “youths.”
Seven years with a “summer job”

In fact, the money is more than enough of a draw. Emma, 36 years old, is now married and a mother in the North. The young woman was a prostitute for seven years, each summer in Brussels. Then a student at the school of veterinary surgeon, she though well of her “summer job”. “In two months, I earned my money for the year. More than I would have made working at McDo
[nald’s]. I’m not saying that it is easy money, but I had the pride of earning it without robbing anybody”, she says today.
Is that to say that all students are into some form of crime or another? Just how is it that this entrepreneur finds those awful, American-seeming capitalists at McDo such bad employers? Oh well. At least she took some pride in her work.

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