Friday, November 03, 2006

Does This "Censorship from the Side" Seem Familiar?

What they want is to make Latin America a kind of communist republic. Again. But not old-fashioned communism. They will not fight, they will not use violence to take over Latin America. They use revolution disguised in democracy, a popular democracy. … [How do they achieve this?] They use another kind of revolutionary war, called Gramscian revolution. Antonio Gramsci … tried to think in another form of revolutionary fight. The main action is to pretend that the society is already inside a socialistic régime. Pretending this, the fight moves from war to culture. If you change the culture of a society, you make this society go towards socialism without a fight. This is what is happening right now in Latin America.
So says Luís Afonso Assumpção of the (hidden and not-so-hidden) fight to turn Latin American towards the left, with the advent of characters like Lula, Eva Morales, Hugo Chávez, et al (the creator Swimming Against the Red Tide starts speaking in English, briefly switches to Spanish (with a Brazilian accent), and returns to English).
They use the media to do this. But it is not a kind of censorship, it is a censorship from the side… journalists … act as militants, not as real journalists.

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