Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A brave, nuanced, symbolic drop in the bucket

Their prescience demands a serious financial commitment:

The European Commission this week decided to allocate 9 Million € for the pursuit of actions against terrorist attacks, initiated under the "Pilot Project Fight against Terrorism". This includes actions in relation to critical infrastructure protection, terrorist financing, explosives and violent radicalisation.

Vice-President Franco Frattini, Commissioner responsible for Justice, Freedom and Security, stated that "the actions financed under this project will enhance the European Union’s capacity to effectively prevent and respond to terrorist attacks. It will assist in better protecting critical infrastructures, preventing terrorist financing, the use of explosives and violent radicalization and increase Bio-preparedness, by training intervention personnel and by identifying key objectives and proper measures to protect our citizens"
From the aptly named Europaworld. Thanks to a correspondent, I’ve come across this quote:
Hope is not a strategy

- General Tommy Franks

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