Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Court Martialed by Cartoonland

Serguei convicts those skull lovin’ Wehrmacht troops zofort, although I’m not sure just what kind of “false consciousness” he thinks they suffer from. After all, cannibalism has up until recently not been illegal in Germany, and buggery to skulls, living or otherwise remains legal in the many parts of Europe. I suppose you'll rationalize anything if you can't be loved by a living beings with personalities.

As an aside, one will note that the New York Times has given the story a pass. It's just not an even the editors think reportable (if not frightening) because 1) it doesn't reflect badly on the American Right. 2) it makes the life of a soldier understandable to a degree. and 3) they and their readers harbor delusions about Europe being some sort of paradise populated by people who are inherently better.

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