Sunday, October 29, 2006


Orwellian rhetoric with huge side helpings of denial are now standard fare in France. Despite the fact that a young woman is still fighting for her life in a Marseille hospital, police are terming yesterday a "relatively calm" day with regards to urban violence.

A bus torching in Marseille with intent to kill, 46 arrests nationwide along with 2 policemen hurt and 200 automobiles torched, street battles with police in Gigny, and a bus torched in Trappes. The evening's activity is being classified as "relatively calm" (which is why the Prime Minister is springing into action with a previously unscheduled Monday morning meeting).

Other events from yesterday include a bus being pelted with rocks in Seine-Saint-Denis. The City Hall in Stains was also pelted as were policemen in Clichy-sous-Bois and Montfermeil.

In Vitry-sur-Seine, 3 youths were arrested for carrying Molotov cocktails. Police were attacked in Goussainville. Other "incidents", without further precision, took place in Fleury-Mérogis and Toulouse. In Vaux-en-Velin a "runaway" car ran into 2 policemen. A Molotov cocktail was used to set alight a library nextdoor to a police station in Vannes.

Police sources claim that the situation is "under control".

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