Thursday, October 26, 2006

What’s that about the impropriety of exporting democracy?

The hypocrites are at it again:

”[Parliament] calls on the European Commission and the EU member states to take a principled and consequent stand in the negotiations on a new Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA)...with a view to placing democracy, human rights and freedom of expression at the core of any future agreement and instituting a clear mechanism to monitor implementation," the formal resolution said.
But as usual, the higher principals, the dreams, the hopes, the better angels of their spirit snuff the tender budding flower of decency before it can poison the European view of itself which is otherwise so eager to mention just how much more humanistic is is than the rest of humanity:
The Finnish EU presidency also took great pains not to offend the Russian leader at its Lahti dinner, while the European Commission continues to focus on getting access to Russian gas and oil for EU firms and building new pipelines to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
So much for all that. Must be about another pipeline then, eh fat boy?the fuse is lit!

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