Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some tourists develop paranoia, others lose their marbles altogether.

A sophisticated culture runs headlong into those charming traditions of another one:

PARIS (Reuters) - Around a dozen Japanese tourists a year need psychological treatment after visiting Paris as the reality of unfriendly locals and scruffy streets clashes with their expectations, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The phenomenon, which the newspaper dubbed "Paris Syndrome", was first detailed in the psychiatric journal Nervure in 2004.

Bernard Delage of Jeunes Japon, an association that helps Japanese families settle in France, said: "In Japanese shops, the customer is king, whereas here assistants hardly look at them ... People using public transport all look stern, and handbag snatchers increase the ill feeling."
- Thanks to Ace of Spades and to ¡No Pasarán! reader Stavn
the fuse is lit!

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