Sunday, October 22, 2006

On their planet, they call this comedy

The goofy, clueless left in the UK, for all their crackpot logic about diversity (celebrating something that simply exists whether they “celebrate” it or not), has no clue when it comes to respecting religion or other cultures for that matter.

I'm sure the actress in the veil will get death threats. The whole sketch makes fun of the whole 'my veil is my identity' thing.
The veiled woman counts off all the cosmetics she no longer needs to apply to her face - she just does up her eyes. She says she also enjoys the veil because she knows that every man who sees her is dieing to see what she looks like naked.

Fellow diner agrees and says he himself is indeed wondering. And says that if the government ever banned him from driving his Bentley (which he feels defines who he is), he would become a suicide bomber. The woman in the veil says 'Yes, there are limits.'

She gives in - got to have a drink. They are British, after all. Later, she has taken off the veil and her husband (not in either pic) asks her to put it back on. She yells at him, calling him an infidel. The four people at the table applaud after she does it and the husband is clearly working up a woody.

Barely funny, but all done in the name of entertainment, if that's what you can call it.

Expect Channel 4's studios at Broadcast House to be burned down by certain members of a religion C4 keeps apologizing for otherwise.

- with thanks to alert reader Valerie.
the fuse is lit!

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