Saturday, October 28, 2006

Declarations of Calm, Another Successful Five Year Plan, Etal

“Calm” declared in spite of 2 busses and more than 20 cars being torched, and some good old-fashioned rock throwing incidents.

The night of Friday to Saturday turned out to be an ordinary weekend, according to the police: in the entire départment of Seine-Saint-Denis, by the early hours of Saturday, one counted little more than twenty cases of arson on cars. Specific incidents however took place in spite of the 4000 police officers and gendarmes deployed to head off possible turmoil. The course of the night saw 25 rock throwing incedents including 21 in Isle-de-France [the Paris Metropolitan area], according to the leadership of the national police.
[Emphasis mine] Now that’s what I call calm.

Out of stupidity and mental compartmentation, we also get to meet the new, unelected leaders:
Friday morning, Larbi Chouaieb, in charge for the Muslim community in Clichy-Montfermeil had invited the young people of Montfermeil “to follow the steps of their brothers and sisters” of Clichy-sous-Bois, where a thousand of people had just taken part in a silent march in memory of the two teenagers whose death one year ago sparked the riots of Fall 2005. “By your example, show that it’s calm here too”, said the religious figure.
Ironically, the white socialist mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois was saying the exact same thing in the weird memorial ceremony which is sure to construct little in the way of calm. A wreath was laid at a memorial for the two “riot sparkers” electrocuted when they hid from les pigeons in a transformer bed after the two were up to no good.

The wreath was laid for them, and no-one else. Not the disabled woman immolated on a bus, nor any of the innocents injured in last year’s Trotskyite-pleasing class warfare: they killed themselves, and the crowd blames authority, society... anyone else, quite frankly, for their death.

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