Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Penetrating Journalism

A recent random look at a Egyptian newspaper leaves one with little hope. The headlines:

3 stories about Mubarak which contained no news, at least not from this decade –

- “Mubarak: the liberation of the Sinai, a turning point in history”
(if memory serves, they lost.)

- “Mubarak: Egypt advances on the irreversible course of global reform”

- “Interview with Mubarak: Egypt refuses the classification of nations into moderade and radical.”

All that and some further speaking in Runes meant to look like actual news. There are also a page of sports, some fashion, TV, weather, a few ads. The only other items of news other than a short article about Condoleeza Rice failng to leave Jerusalem with anything, don’t even com in the form of articles. Five 150 word-long blurbs fall under the headings: UNIFIL. Iraq, Darfour, Gaza (a hit-piece about Israel), and Israel (another hit-piece about Israel).

It also included this incredibly lame but revealing cartoon:

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