Thursday, October 26, 2006

Taking it to another level

4 buses torched in one night (one was first hijacked and driven around by an armed gang). French youths have decided to up the violence a notch. Cars are for small time hoods and anyway, torching cars is like soooooooo 2005. So, French youths are movin' on up.

Prime Minister Villepin has promised swift and exemplary justice against those committing these felonies and refuses that any part of France should not be controlled by the State. Mouarf !!!

The most spectacular incident took place at 1AM between Bagnolet and Montreuil. A gang of 10 pistol wielding hooded youths boarded the bus. One of the assailants placed his gun on the side of the bus driver's head and ordered him to get out of his seat. The gang commandeered the bus, drove it a short distance and torched it in a neighboring suburb. Appropriately enough, the bus was torched at Montreuil's Lenin Square.

Never mind the burning cars, here's the torched buses

UPDATE: Reports now claim a tally of 3 torched buses. Patience, patience. They're just getting started.

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