Thursday, August 24, 2006

Preserving the future

A capucha for your vote?:

Vacationers visiting France's beaches are getting some unusual promotional goodies - such as condoms stamped with the logo of the ruling conservative political party.
The Conservatives seem to trying to either project a party image by passing out party hats, or they’re inducing a kind of Roe Effect, their opponents seem to have given up and have settled into the middle age silliness of new-age goofiness and “sensotopia”:
The Socialist Party, the main leftist party in France, sells its goodies at an online store. For a sweet-smelling candle, the caption reads: "Keep the flame of socialism burning at home and at the office."
Herein we find another type of population control: the tried and true house-fire.

I’m waiting with bated breath to find out what the Communists hand out. I imagine that there’ll be heads of cabbage (red) and manual tools with which to dig potatoes in the grand and glorious future, or perhaps those air-drop emergency food rations that the population will need after they implement a five-year plan.

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