Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Proud to be "Étatsunien", are ya?

C'est pas permis!

Not a newsflash: French leftists use the USA as an ego prop.

In the middle of another fake “débat” about how the United States cretinously dares to be different when it comes to time off, came this bit of nonsense typical of the usual spurious trash.

Antoine: Ne dites pas "américain"

N'appelez pas "américains" les habitants des Etat-Unis d'Amérique. C'est une façon de confisquer le mot pour un seul pays de cet immense continent. Un bolivien, un canadien sont des américains aussi. Il faut trouver autre chose. Je propose (mais j'attend de meilleures propositions) étasunien.
Mardi 22 Août 2006 - 13:57

Do not call the inhabitants of United States of America “American”. It is a way of
confiscating the word for only one country of this immense continent. Bolivians, Canadians are American too. Another thing: I propose calling them (but I await better ideas) Unitedstatesian.

As usual the imposition of their imprint on other cultures doesn’t dawn on Propagandastaffel readers as being inconsistent with their endless leftist pieties about respect. True to form George Bush always becomes “Georges” Bush, and this man likely wasn’t born with an accent-aigue in his name. As always we see the attribution “Etatsuniens” in lieu of “Américains”, regardless of what we call ourselves. Try that in Africa.

I wonder then why is it that Bolivian and Canadians refer to us as Americans?

Inconceivable to critics of that sort is that the US predated the establishment of Bolivia and Canada as independent nations, and that Simon Bolivar for who Bolivia was names was inspired by the United States and detested the enslaving Europeans. In fact the brutality of the dictatorial French “Republican” regime in Mexico caused Texas to separate after barely a decade of union because of their Napoleonic constitutional instinctual brutality to the common man that the American world view sees as free. While the Europeans were selling their populations a fake bill of goods about the primacy of the individual, Americans were reading Burke and working to make it happen. Bolivar saw that quite plainly, and no amount of revision can hide Europe’s paranoia about human free will – then or now.

One wonders - how many nations have the name “America” in them, anyway?

The United States of America
American Samoa

Again, the arrogance of thinking that their fake respect for others is exempt, and that their wisdom is somehow indispensable to others is predictable from this dank lot that looks down on the rest of the world so much. Don’t Bolivians and Canadians deserve to have the self respect of calling themselves Bolivian and Canadian, or do they need to play along to pander to the self-important Euro-übermensch leftists?

Back to their “débat” driven by a story for which there is no actual news event, it’s impossible for a society that produces 30% less output per capita to be 5% more productive. The only reason to claim such a thing and use the US as a point of reference is because of a fixation with the US, and not the state of the French economy, unless you’re rationalizing something to buoy yourself emotionally.
The reason some Americans work more hours is because we can if we want, and we do because we have a growing population and are optimistic about the future. Libération’s band of commenter pendejos probably needs to find an object of hatred and condescension to prop up their fragile sensibilities having failed at so much personally.

What IS galling is the presumption by the EU "patriots" (if you can even call them that) to call the EU "Europe" when it hardy encompass all of Europe, and is far from a natural outcome of all inhabiting the same continent. The bickering between them offers more than a hint of this. Shouldn't those populations who have rejected becoming a Union Local not be offended?

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