Saturday, August 26, 2006

As lefty would say: who's paying you?

Another "irate moderate": get a load of this guy banging his spoon on his highchair. He feels perfectly comfortable slapping anyone who won't rebut him because they would turn the other cheek. A sort of Jesus-freak, he actually uses religion as a form of negative identification. Arch-evil Floridian Katherine Harris is one, anyone who would fit into his “Jesustan” fantasy dystopia is one. In short, anyone who doesn’t Do their "religious duty" to support his earthly political fetishes is one.
That should get him in good stead with the religious left.

A vision of a loving, inclusive, and diverse communion if there ever was one, even though I can’t imagine any flavor of Western theology that makes any of those things more important than The Cardinal Virtues that are dusted under the rug by them. After all, why live your stated beliefs when you can cook up comparisons between Christians and the Taliban?

Very creative. Very novel. We've never seen anyone make THAT shocking link before! Snxpffff!!!

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