Saturday, August 26, 2006

Now you’re cooking with Crisco

It’s actually only a crisis when they ban drilling oil. Nonetheless:
If everyone [in France] knows who Monsanto is, we have Jose Bové to thank. The madman who along with his friends attacked transgenic development that Monsanto is a pioneer in, will have much more to worry about. A lot more.
Says Patrick Garcia at car-crazy Caradisiac’s blog.

The energy crisis hitting our tanks reveals the value of biofuels. When they say Bio, they mean Ethanol - and that means corn. To optimize the output of the plant, considered otherwise a poor source for Ethanol, Monsanto put its engineers to the task of making a' hybrid' corn which, surprise, surprise, would produce more ethanol with the same land area under cultivation.

... Jose should be pleased.

That remains to be seen, even if “petrocollapse” eventually effects bicycle production in the next five-year plan. Comrades should learn to suffer a little and adapt until the hunter-gatherer society can be restored. the fuse is lit!

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