Saturday, July 01, 2006

Just where IS lefty when a government is trying to snuff dissent?

Where I ask – and why are they trying to be Belgian and making unpopular opinions illegal?

French rapper Monsieur R has avoided prosecution by the French government for controversial lyrics that compared France to a slut and the government to Germany's infamous Third Reich.

In the song, FranSSe, Monsieur R (born Richard Makela) makes reference to relieving himself on Napoleon and General Charles De Gaulle while repeatedly referring to France as a "b**ch" that needs to be taken until exhaustion.

Makela faced a three-year prison term or a 75,000 euro fine, but the case was thrown out of court by the presiding judge who indicated that the MP had not himself suffered any harm and that there were no real victims.
They’d give Cindy Sheehan’s has been hanger on Joan Baez the Legion D’Honneur for having made a career out of slamming the US:
And if you know anything at all about Miss Baez it is that she has spent virtually her entire career pretending that cruel men in top hats are eating babies for breakfast in a secret location somewhere underneath the Washington Memorial.
....but the seem to feel no remorse or have a pang for a good old "liberation battlecry" when a government goes after a critic who’s talking to anyone other that the navel gazing elite. It’s probably not because Monsieur R is from a minority group, but because he’s not from a political/racial profile of the toffs’ liking.

The fuse is lit!

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