Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Anyone for Baseball?

One of the pleasures of reading the Guardian newspaper’s “Comment is Free” corporate blogs is the reader commentary. Most frequently what one finds in great quantity is a kind of parading of envious emotions – a display of emotional adolescents where it specifically relates to the designated enemies and ‘structurally evil types of people’ many of the lefty ponces like to dwell on. It’s even the case when they have to invent the scenario whereby they get to show their infallible ways to their bogey-persons, and it always presents itself as a sort of schoolyard exchange where said lefty ponce always gets to get the zinger in without rebuttal and brag to his friends besides:

I await, with excitement, the aftermath of God Bless America's exit from the World Cup. No doubt the players will return home, call an immediate press conference, and reveal that "Soccer, is not what we thought at all. It's actually Stupid. Lame. A bit too Euro" And as a result, withdraw from all future tournaments. (Whilst withdrawing all financial aid from Ghana at the same time.)

Or maybe we are mis-underestimating them (couldn't resist). After all, they are our greatest allies. They are there whenever we need them. We have a "Special Relationship". So in actual fact, the whole of the US will probably now throw the weight of their support behind us. The plucky English. The land of their forefathers.

Having said that, the "Special Relationship" has thus far yielded the following:

1) They turned up two years late for the First World War.
2) They turned up two years late for the Second World War, and used our plight to financially cripple us.
3) They backed Egypt in the Suez Canal Crisis.
4) They verbally backed Argentina in the Falklands Skirmish.

So, if we are to stay true to this Special Relationship, we should immediately withdraw from the World Cup ourselves. Disband the Premier League. And start playing some proper sports for once.

Anyone for Baseball?

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In general “Offensive and Unsuitable” is the way of the Guardian and the world view it supplies desperately needed affirmation for.

It’s quite obvious that with the designated object of his little passion play that they are wrong on every subject that he can imagine matters in his little world – sports, a few bumper-sticker political issues, and a handful of personal matter just to let him demonstrate to his ego that his shit don’t stink, and that the rest of civilization should care about his personal pleasures.

Would ‘Americur’ care enough about this man banging his spoon on his highchair to say anything about the Premier League? I certainly doubt it. Like many of his ilk he needs a culturally imperialistic straw-man in his life to give it some direction. He already has one – it’s called the leftist world view in his immediate vicinity. It’s the one that stages ‘programme seasons’ for specific social issues dear to a few activist types to engage in social engineering, and the endless supply of social epedemics that change weekly. It’s the one that nannies itself to death on the operating assumption that people are too stupid and immoral to think for themselves, or at least to think the way he’s like you to.

It’s all evidence of what therapists call the “power under” position in an abusive family relationship, and it’s created by learned helplessness. In this case that helplessness is with a oppressive culture so concerned about guiding if not controlling every little thing in your life that it tells you how to sort your trash, how to talk to your neighbors, and convince one the person one should feel the greatest guilt over everything from methane emissions to feelings of pre-sexualized 4 year olds who may or may not be gay.

It’s quite clear who’s oppressed, and made stupid in the course of it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and a guy like that is just another cobblestone in the middle of it.

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