Sunday, June 25, 2006

Glory to the cadre for obtaining telephones

The BBC’s Have Your Say program today had as its’ guest author Jung Chang to discuss China’s recent past and her latest book. While discussing the cultural revolution, the harm it did, and the like, western lefties called in to pshaw! that it wasn’t all THAT bad. She was not amused.

Jung Chang finally tries to put into context for these idiots who were trying to grant an exemption to any Communist’s with a absence moral judgment. She asked rhetorically why Mao’s corpse is still available for worship, why his portrait is still in Tiananmin Square, while Hitler’s portrait appears nowhere in Berlin. It would be an apt comparison if there were any lefties out there who haven’t exhausted every Hitler comparison already, such as Bush, Sharon, the postman, the neighbor’s noisy dog, parking tickets, and so on...

The fuse is lit!

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