Tuesday, June 27, 2006

All the news that’s fit for the BBC to ignore.

France Inter reports that the Israeli soldier captured on Sunday by Palestinian elements is a French national. Both on air and in print, the BBC still omits that fact about Corporal Gilad Shalit. If they think it irrelevant they should also consider the newsworthy fact that France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken an interest in the matter, which might possibly lead to their engagement in negotiating for Cpl. Shalit’s release.

We confirm that Mr. Guilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier captured Sunday morning near the Gaza Strip who was born in Israel also has French nationality, his father being French.
Our embassy in Tel-Aviv and our consulate are mobilized to address the matter. We are in contact with all the parties concerned to help obtain the release of Mr. Guilad Shalit.
- a declaration of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs released by the French Embassy to Israel.

I suspect that unlike RFI who has managed to stick to reporting a straight fact, the news mules on the BBC editing floor can’t find an angle that consistently fits their “stance” on the news. The BBC’s pattern of behavior has shown us that having to find a ‘side’ to take has frequently gotten in the way of reporting events factually and in a manner that leaves the viewer or listener to form their own view of its’ meaning.

When you're reporting honestly, the other side of arrogance is called dilligence.

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