Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mangy fleabag shot for an actual reason

First people are terrified enough by a bear on the loose that a continent of hunters is mobilized into action, when they could have gotten rid of the fleabag in one weekend by flying in 3 hungover Quebecers.

The moment a bear is shot, they act like the it was their little buddy who couldn’t catch a break. Here’s a little something they can build a ‘cycle of violence’ argument on: bears mauling people, and the occasional do-gooding dumbshit.

Isn’t she just the most cuddly thing you ever saw?

That moose calf in the video probably weighs twice as much as the hiker who complained about the Euro-über-bärchen that was shot, and isn’t as likely to be a herbivore as Herr Twit.

Perpetually puckered Greenies – you have to hang a pork-chop around their neck just to get a bear to play with them...

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