Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm lovin' it.

Blogger Hou-Hou (Houssein) says one snarky thing about some cranked up anti-American about the movie United 93, and he gets it from a bunch of weaselly comments having nothing to do with 9/11, the film, or anything else but their unblinking, irrational hatred of the only “strong horse” against the intemperate mass murderers who want to dress your daughter like a potato sack.

Julie (whom Hou-hou is quoting) has a fit. The type you have when world events don’t concider, not for one moment your mood:

I wanted to vomit in front of the film United 93 which still will show us how the Americans are good, fine and how the good people sacrificed themselves for freedom

(Hou-Hou): I like it when she’s irritated!
Then the commenters bounced in off of the turnip truck:
Max: When Independence Day was still playing in the USA, certain American rose the hand on the heart during the speech of the president. I hope that their patriotic feelings will not go further when this film is played. It was already rather ridiculous the hand on the heart.

Flying camel: There is nevertheless a little hope in the land of Uncle Sam at the time when one hears a significant director like George Lucas says: "[...] the United States is a "provincial country" whose culture invaded the rest of the world by the means of the Hollywood productions."

In short, keep hope... The sleeper will finally wake up, as they say...
As if Max really knew if anything of the sort actually happened, the magnitude, or whether or not a handful of people doing something matters in a nation of 300 million people. All that seems to matter is that he finds an example of something to prop up his small-minded whining and penis envy.

Does, er…, “Mr. Camel” really think we’re going to “wake up” to his own, personal vision? That movie directors have anything whatsoever to do with the temperament of a culture?
Does Camelboy get that most Americans crack up laughing when they hear George Lucas’ quote? After all it’s Lucas himself that has the guilt-ridden lefty conscience because he isn’t much of an intellect, and is the one producing and capitalizing on this unfortunate, low-brow export.

Which seems to sell very well. What Herr Fliegende Kamel would think of a ticket buyer in Karachi or Berlin is not known.

All were preoccupied with anything but the actual story in the film except for the charming and Leilouta
I can't wait to see it!
The fuse is lit.

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