Saturday, May 06, 2006

Can't decide between the green and red Kool-aid?

Though growth in the US is tapering off, the rate is still staggeringly high compared to other parts of the developed world, and nearly matches those of the much-lauded emerging markets.

Economic activity, as we all know is an enemy of the vicious mother Gaia. At least the luvvie mystification with all thing empirical is reported in the right department heading.
The BBC, though still manages to find a cloud in every silver lining whenever possible with the US, to the point where in the recent "Día sin los Inmigrantes", only the business programs made a passing acknowledgment that it was actually an uneventful " un día sin noticias". How folk-Marxist types could get weepy about the undermining of wages by making an over-supply of it available to the US is still bewildering to me.

Though repeated incessantly, Auntie failed to make a key distinction between the 3 categories of intention in the "movement": there are non-US citizens who are simply in the US to work and have no intention of settling permanently, non-US citizens who are working, but are here illegally, and then there are immigrants who actually want to become US nationals. They also repeated that there is a demand for "rights", but none that they would explicitly specify.

I'm sure a moving target would be to the activists' (and the reporters') preference. Either way, they'll expect something more from the natives than the natives (the citizens) expect from one another.

Non Illegitimus carborundum est, as a good friend of mine would say. Opera and common sense have always been his guide, and the peril of anyone trying to sell him a bill of goods.


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