Sunday, April 30, 2006

Marxists in the mist

Inclusion and the socialist mind.

Man’s self respect is, of course, unfounded when relativism is the guiding principle of a person’s hatred of others. It’s only natural that since leftists are obsessed with race and genetics, that the ‘genetic diversity’ argument would eventually trump any notion that it’s about protecting a diversity of opinion.

Either that, or they’re desperately looking for a new voting block or perhaps even running out of victim groups to parade around for their supporters’ pity.

Via John Ray, we find this bit of headache inducing oversimplification of the soul reported by Libertad Digital.

Using the justification that man shares 98.4 percent of his genes with chimpanzees, 97.7 percent with gorillas, and 96.4 percent with orangutans, the Socialist Party will propose that simians are entitled to "human rights."

El Mundo reported on Tuesday that the socialist coalition has called for a press conference in which they will propose measures in Congress to immediately include advanced simians in a category shared with humans granting them "the moral and legal protection which, at the moment, only humans enjoy".

An international organization is seeking a declaration in the UN which will guarantee the rights of simians, and to defend their interests just as they do "of minors and the mental challenged of our species."

The journalist and writer Joaquin Araujo, who is also the president of this organization, will present the report with which he will seek "to defend the establishment of protected territories, so that chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans can continue living like free beings, by their own means".

He persecutes himself, therefore, this that "recognizes their rights to them the life, the freedom and not being tortured with experiments, with the hope to end this new form of slavery". According to the people in charge of the Proyecto Gran Simio "today only Homo Sapiens are considered members of the community of those equal ones to our species. The chimpanzee, gorilla and orangutan are our nearest relatives. They have sufficient mental faculties and a touching life to justify their inclusion in the community of equals".
The notion that all beings are helpless, and that this is a justification of the treatment of man is a natural next step for this argument of theirs. All food, housing, all needs of every sort, has to be provided by the state – just as a zoo or reservation must.

It proves something which is patently obvious about the Socialism’s “vision” - that if man does have all of his basic needs provided for in some impossible deus ex machina fashion, there is no need to be anything other than a beast obsessed with eating, eliminating, sleeping, reproducing, and with power within a clan. Somehow, I suppose this is supposed to justify something about their notion of man, or perhaps just the normalcy of sticking their opposable thumbs up their asses instead of being productive participants in the real human coexistence project that we call civilization.

Fiddlesticks, Green Goofballs. There is this little detail called free will that you’ve always managed to ignore and show contempt for. That lack of free will is the reason for our concern for them in their innocence. Why undermine it?
This notion that the animal world is a good analog of egalitarian society, and picture gay penguins coexisting with feminism-friendly Bonobo monkeys in the same big union local, I say simply –go camping- for once, and stop picking and choosing species to the exclusion of nature the way you do aspects in reality. Real, non-idealized animals fight over resources and do their best to NOT coexist. This behavior is the last thing greenies think about when they have their faked stigmatas and epiphanies on the environment.

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