Thursday, May 04, 2006

An electrician from Gdansk who had faith and courage when it mattered most.

Lech Walesa:
"Until not so long ago, there was another superpower -- the Empire of Evil, which could be blamed for much that was wrong in the world." And if the Soviet Union was an evil empire, Walesa said, the United States was "an empire of good" -- a beacon of hope to millions trapped behind the Iron Curtain. But "today, there is no longer an Empire of Evil -- so who gets blamed for everything that goes wrong?"
While also offering constructive criticism of the US, he said:
"If the superpower had not recognized the dangers after September 11" and reacted as it did, he says, Al Qaeda and its supporters would have grown even bolder. "Today the world would be in total chaos, total revolution -- a total mess."
The fuse is lit!

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