Monday, May 01, 2006

The celebrity follies that will never go away

George Clooney might be trying to make the genocide in Darfur a notch in his social bedpost, saying that "it's the first genocide in the 21st century" as if no-one knew, but it isn't. It was one of many at the close of the 20th century, and the only reason he didn't notice it is the same reason the modern and decayed left has been enabling evil. It is another by-product of militant Islam's indulgence in the evil of ignoring their own tradition of moral philosophy. It is nothing other than a convenient blindness to the notion of right and wrong - the very disease that the left suffers from.

They have refused to pay attention to the Americans who were desperately trying to call attention to the genocide in Sudan for two decades because the voices desperate to be heard were Christian with whom they have a political truc, and traditionally observant Jews whom they mete out a special hatred for. Face it dickhead – they’re dieing because your political ilk were looking for evil among the rural American Christians while those very same faithful were left to beg their neighbors for cans of food to send to Sudan.

Wake up. They're human. As human as those that attract the sudden pityof celebrities from the studies in your Los Angeles Schindler and Wright houses and condos in Manhattan and Monaco, skillfully appointed to convince someone that a human hand has touched them.

I recommend that you stick to your craft and stop obstructing the people who spent their lives in sincere exploration of human need. Let them aid the miserable in Darfur by getting out of their way. Now that it's convenient for you, they don't need the shade of operating in your self-promoting shadow. The world doesn't need another twit like Bono, and we just finished spending 25 years getting the ilk of Galbraith out of the way of alleviating poverty.

Make a movie or something, and stop seeking the love of detached strangers. If you can’t manage that stick to baby seals or some other distraction.

the fuse is lit!

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