Saturday, March 25, 2006

Very unpleasant. Very unpleasant indeed.

An Imam in Denmark has approved the death penalty for Naser Khader, founder of the Danmark based organization “Democratic Moslems”.

The Danish blog Agora is on this like white on rice:

«This just in. One down. One being tackled as we speak. Imam Abu Laban of pig-eared fame apparently knew about a planned “Martyr action” on February 21st. Quoting from my transcript of previously unreleased footage from Mohammed Sifaoui, the journalist who broke the news of Imam Ahmed Akkari’s death threats against Naser Khader. Imam Abu Laban is speaking of a man who plans to execute a martyr operation in connection with the Battle of Khartoon.»
I can see a growing Agoraphobia possibly developing in Jihadist ghettos of Scandinavian cities.

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