Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good news massaged with „release”

Absent from any discussion of the rescue of three peace activists who were kidnapped by those they were tacitly trying to enable, was the word “rescue.” Even Jack Straw nearly stumbled “something else” before haltingly mentioning that they were “released” in his announcement.

«"The three hostages Norman Kember, a British hostage, (and) two Canadian hostages, have been released as a result of a multi-national force operation which took place earlier today," British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said in London.»
In fact there was a release – by Iraqi and coalition troops. The animals who kidnapped the four ‘peacemakers’ (having already martyred one of them,) were permitted to flee unmolested.

The Beeb advocacy continues.

In a rare permission by the BBC to have an overt opinion statement which isn’t clouded by underhandedly calling it fact, Peace activist Bruce Kent’s statement was published on-line:
«We might have been separate in the past, but the Muslim community has been so helpful and so co-operative here, it needs as many thanks as anyone else. Of course I would like to thank the Foreign Office and, if it was the military that helped free him, then them too. But the Muslim community has really behaved in a wonderful way.»
IF? Of course not. If words are the only thing that matters, victims of kidnapping spontaneously free themselves, don’t they? In the strictures of the left's world-view, these might be the only people on earth who aren't victims. Do you see the irony in calling it a "release"?

Look at the political tack of the likes of those who hide behind the big tree of peace. Clearly, would they have been murdered, the “peace camp” would diminish the blow to the kidnappers by characterizing them as “mere criminals” who were just in it for the money. After all, evil AmeriKKKa took their jobs in the rape rooms away. Whereas, the reason isn’t that they were mere criminals at all. They were ideologues, crazy, and don’t understand the bad PR of what is in effect “friendly fire.” From the Telegraph (UK) of the 12th of March:
«The death of Mr Fox is particularly worrying because it indicates that the group holding the hostages is motivated by political beliefs rather than seeking a ransom. The peace workers had travelled to Iraq as a "gesture of solidarity" with the Canada-based group Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT).

Friends of Mr Kember, from Pinner, Middlesex, spoke yesterday of their mounting concern.»
Worrying to some, but it should be illuminating to others. The 68'ers vision of peace doesn't just fail at home, it fails worldwide.

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