Monday, March 20, 2006

Life is static. Nothing should ever change. Feed me.

"Contract for slavery"

Carine at E-nough captures what these "well educated" spoiled wastrels are thinking.
«Police loosed water cannons and tear gas on rioting students and activists rampaged through a McDonald's and attacked store fronts in the capital Saturday as demonstrations against a plan to relax job protections spread in a widening arc across France.»
How completely unaware they must be not to realize the nearly innumerable people worldwide who had their first job at McDonald’s, developed useful WORK HABITS (like showing up on time and cooperating,) and as a result, and actually WENT ON TO OTHER THINGS.

Yes, It’s true. It IS possible to go on to bigger and better things. The world is not flat.

"Work is a climate controlled gulag"

Silly rabbit - you though they actually WANTED jobs.

On the other hand, ignoring everything these emotional hostage takers have to say naturally has a cruel and inhumane outcome - starvation, class warfare, no 'solidarity', blah, blah, blah... basically the Hieronymus Bosch world that an 18 year old Trostkyite with ALL THAT life experience says there is.
«U.S. college graduates are facing the best job market since 2001, with business, computer, engineering, education and health care grads in highest demand, a report by an employment consulting firm showed on Monday.

"We are approaching full employment and some employers are already dreaming up perks to attract the best talent," said John Challenger, chief executive of Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

In its annual outlook of entry-level jobs, Challenger, Gray & Christmas said strong job growth and falling unemployment makes this spring the hottest job market for America's 1.4 million college graduates since the dot-com collapse in 2001.

The firm pointed to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers which showed employers plan to hire 14.5 percent more new college graduates than a year ago.»
Goodness me. The horror.

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