Thursday, March 23, 2006

Nations forgotten out of lack of maintenance

Brussels Journal’s very own Doctor Bombay Paul Belein explains why the fate of the left is either rather doomed, or will eventually cause western Europe to rot from the neck up:

«The electoral strength of the Left in Western Europe is increasingly based on the immigrant vote, as the Left caters for voters who favour extensive redistribution of taxpayers’ money to so-called “underprivileged” groups such as immigrants.»
The touchy subject of non-indigenous peoples seems to be at issue - or more to the point the lack of sophistication that new voters often have.
«The extent of the phenomenon, however, seems to have taken Wouter Bos by surprise. The Dutch electoral system works with lists of candidates. Once a party knows how many of its candidates are elected the seats go to the candidates on the list who attracted the most votes. Though some Muslim candidates were placed low in the list, on inconspicuous places where candidates usually have no hope of being elected, most of the Muslim candidates were elected anyhow, because the immigrant electorate voted almost exclusively along ethnic lines, casting their ballots always for candidates from their own circle and hardly ever for an indigenous Dutch candidate.»
Quite simply, if votes fall only along the racial lines of people "voting for their own", parties will eventually doom themselves to the irrelevance of the unproductive search for injustice under every “aboriginal’s” hat. Thereafter the only electoral distinction one could make with people who have few substantive attachments to the place they live is to quietly pander to their interests as foreigners, and not as Europeans. In other words, people of Chilean origin will vote based on a proposed policy on Chile, and the like. Their actual surrounding will go largely forgotten, especially in serious matters of how a society should organize itself, the role of government, and the like.

Therefore it’s not impossible that an openly pro-jihad or anti-woman government will take office somewhere, and that the best you’ll get is someone mumbling about “social justice” or some equally disingenuous phrase that people are conditioned into.

Picture that flaccid "whatever," or the talking in circles that will come after that, but right before the wimpers and soleful regrets.

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