Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Don’t connect the dots

One needs to keep the complaints about this in perspective. Whingers tried to pin on the White House the FBI’s inability to connect the dots while also blaming the White for enabling terror. How very tidy.

Political operators now find connecting any dots entirely unacceptable possibly due to potential embarassment to where it could lead. Another affront to those who just don’t understand that you can’t have it both ways:

«"The Sept. 11 hijackers made dozens of telephone calls to Saudi Arabia and Syria in the months before the attacks, according to a classified report from the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel," the Chicago Tribune reports:
According to the report, 206 international telephone calls were known to have been made by the leaders of the hijacking plot after they arrived in the United States--including 29 to Germany, 32 to Saudi Arabia and 66 to Syria
These are calls between al Qaeda terrorists and their associates, in which one side of the call is in the U.S. and the other is in another country--that is, just the kind of call the National Security Agency listened to under the terrorist surveillance program. Had such a program existed in 2001, it might have prevented 9/11--but if some journalists and Democrats are scandalized now, imagine how they would have howled in outrage if 9/11 hadn't happened.»
Talk about sad. Like the desire to frustrate public safety by American left, it also seems that Gerhard Schröder, the corn in civilization’s feces might have held quite a bit back from anyone else’s ability to connect the dots that would have pointed to 9/11.

Let's just call that his pride.

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