Tuesday, February 21, 2006

“Racist” Food

Only among the fevered mind of leftists would a charitable act never be good enough – not at least if you can’t hate your own society:

« The temperature on the street had dropped to minus three and the homeless stood in knots of two or three, blowing on their hands to relieve the bitter cold, as plastic bowls of steaming soupe au cochon were prepared.

"Hot wine?" asked the elegant blonde woman behind the table. But before anything could be served, the police arrived flourishing an order from the local authorities in Strasbourg to shut down the mobile soup kitchen.

The scene has been repeated all over France in recent weeks after complaints that extreme Right-wing groups have been serving "racist" food
As if religion and race were interchangeable. Too bad smoothe old Sammy isn’t around to tell ‘em to get over themselves. Meanwhile the law is forced to enforce PC stupidity, eliminating local identity for the sake of the new European order:
«You may have heard about the Identity Soups. These traditional pork soups are distributed in several towns in France and Belgium by Identity associations that are wishing to help their compatriots living in poverty.»
Local fayva!

Prefer as one might less some controversial proteins, say, from polyurethane, hating your own society without a real cause has always had a certain psychological role to hater himself – it makes him or her believe themselves distinct, separate, and better than everyone around them, their elders, their friends. It’s emotional cover for their own personal failures. It’s a form of malignant narcissism which never wants to see itself healed for fear of being heard and loved by strangers. The lack of disquiet means that others don't have to worry about you, and as a result don't pay attention to the fact that you've done nothing to deserve their attention.

The problem is when these same personal agitators leave the sandbox of their own peevishness and try to get the rest of us killed.

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