Friday, February 24, 2006

Any "apology" would be too contemptible to accept.

«The cartoons have nothing to do with Freedom of Speech.»
says the Turkish government. So reports the Danish blog Agora.

The reception of these arguments is yet another sign that most Europeans lives in a self-referential hell that they’ve made for themselves. Imagine anyone taking seriously this announcement from the Turkish foreign ministry:
«The Danish government must distance itself from the Muhammad cartoons published in Jyllands-Posten and make an apology.

Otherwise, no bridge-building with the Islamic world is possible, says the official spokesman of the Turkish Foreign Ministry following the European Unions’ request for Turkey to act as a mediator.»
This, in spite of the fact that others still aver as loudly as possible that no apology, however misplaced would not be adequate.

Still we find this non-abeyance to logic: the Danish Government could only speak for Jyllands-Posten if they had editorial control over private newspapers. Though this seems okay in the ham-fisted vision of the supremacists of the Umma, it is silly beyond belief to anyone with a mind.

The question really is what it has been for the part 30 years: how will these pan-islamist sypms who tacitly support religious hegemony find a way to live with the rest of the world?

Spurious artwork by Ken. Free speech by the enlightenment.

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