Monday, February 20, 2006

Le Malade Imaginaire

Encore plus marrant que Smaïn en train de jouer Molière, notre nouveau rebeu Malade Imaginaire s'appelle Mourad (non, pas le connard à casquette qui passe à la radio).

Mourad Benchellali, (Libération PropagandaStaffel calls him a "Lyonnais d'origine algérienne", which means "French" when double-talking French media types don't want to admit as much), spent 2 months in an Afghan training camp and was present during a visit from Ossama Bin Laden before 9-11. He's now crying a river of tears about his recent internment at Gitmo and is talking up the usual Manchester Manual rubbish to anyone who will listen. Among other recurring fantasies are the episodes of torture and the dunking of Corans in any available toilet facilities.

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