Thursday, February 23, 2006

As predicted

Even before the savage is brought back to Fwance the French touchy-feely sympathy media machine has gone into full swing. Libération PropagandaStaffel bleats that the suburban population is unjustly stigmatised and French cable TV news repeats 24/7 that the suspect, who admits to the kidnapping, torture, and murder, denies any anti-Semitic intent.

UPDATE: Just 10 minutes ago on French cable TV i-Tele some jackass from an umpteenth French Human Rights group was moaning that this guy cannot be extradited from the Ivory Coast without violating his human rights. The French media machine is in overdrive in what is shaping up to be a succesful bait-and-switch on who the real victim is here as they quelch all media echos of anti-Semitism in this affair.

What, me anti-Semitic?

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