Sunday, February 19, 2006

Per Nyholm sees thorough the madness

The Danish blog Agora has translated articles from Jyllands-Posten which definitely of interest to those of us who slept through Danish class in school.

Addressed to the Indonesian President, Per Nyholm (who authored the “We are being pissed upon” article) takes Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono up on his word. The BBC fawns over Yudhoyono, probably because he talks the right talk when prompted to stroke their lefty sensibilities when it comes to “tolerance” and “diversity”, but does a U-turn with any other audience.

«You complain, Mr. President - with no small justification - about the Islamophobia of The West. In connection with that, some have complained of a drawing of Muhammad with a bomb-like turban as being the most offensive. Very well, what do you think hurts Islam the most? The cartoon or this: that millions of viewers watch crazed and savage madmen decapitate their victims with knives or slaughter thousands of innocents, Moslems included, from New York to Iraq and Bali?»
Read it all. Also take a look at the Nyholm’s view of what he sees when he looks into the mind of those in that culture of complaint, and finds something familiar to Danish history:

«Both Munch and Scavenius preferred not to hear about concentration camps or the mass murder of Jews and Hitler’s political adversaries. They would much rather hear about amazing German triumphs, of the German economic miracle and of new autobahns.

[ … ]

That is a road of tears which in no small part is due to Islam remaining the core of a society which increasingly came under pressure, ending in a state of fossilization and single-minded regard for The Beyond; a contrast to The West which is increasingly focused on the here-and-now. These people shall now, by the hands of manipulating religious leaders, suffer a new, unnecessary defeat.

[ … ]

Another perceived injustice will burrow into the Arab mind, a harsh diet for people not motivated by democracy and freedom but divine justice.»

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