Thursday, June 09, 2005

Cut on the Bias

This from Andrew Kinsman, a commenter on Biased-BBC, we find a BBC personality revealing the state of the journalistic bias that they refuse to recognize or address:

«A bit of Googling found THIS on the web (in connection with an industrial dispute in Bradford)

Dear brothers/sisters

Just a short personal message of solidarity - I will raise your dispute in our Chapel when we meet next. I am constantly struck by the small minded penny pinching of media owners who spare no expense for their own largesse.

Your fight is part of a resurgence of grassroots trade unionism that is telling the managers "we're back" in every sector of the economy.

A donation follows.


Paul Mason
Business Correspondent, BBC Newsnight (personal capacity)

First of all, what's this "we" shit coming from a business correpondant?!? Does he pretend to speak for the BBC? IF he’s speaking for himself, does he thing burying the words “personal capacity” at the end inoculate him from criticism?

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