Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hearing the Voice of the People (Not); The Usual Double Standards at Work in Madrid

The left doesn't take too kindly to protests, marches, and slogans (Not in my name) when they they are not being used against the right.

The 860,000 to 1,000,000 demonstrators in Madrid amount to

more or less the same number on the big rallies against the Iraq war, touted by the intelligentsia as an evidence of a vibrant democracy in which people were speaking the truth to self-centered politicians. The same intelligentsia has been criticizing the plans for today's demonstration because they now say that street demonstrations are not really democratic since it's up to politicians to make decisions
Suddenly, for some reason, demonstrations are no longer "spontaneous", despicable leaders of the deaf, blind, turncoat, and traitorous kind are no longer involved, and it's no longer about democracy and hearing the voice of the pueblo; now, it's all about politicians making victims and relatives their own cause…

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