Monday, June 06, 2005

A View from the Southern Hemisphere

Writing from Brazil, Luís Afonso Assumpção translates an article by Olavo de Carvalho, titled ROOTS OF THE NEW WORLD which nearly represents an executive summary of the ideological struggle within Europe between social collectivists and proponents of free will. It closely follows the movements of a time only two decades behind us where the same trend began in North America, Central Europe, India, the Asian Rim, and in some ways, in China itself.

«The first half of the 20th. century witnessed the rise of planned
economy; the second saw its fall, followed by the appearance of an even more ambitious plan of domination: planned culture. Culture transcends and includes economy: it includes the entire range of human creations, language and imagination, values and feelings, intimate life and unconscious reflexes. The widening of the objectives show that the activist intelligentsia learned from the past eight decades an opposite lesson from that of non-marxist economists: the later believe that socialism's failure proved the intrisic madness of a giant state; the former learned that giant states fail for not being gigantic enough.

The final aim of socialism, as Hannah Arendt observed, is the modification of human nature. The generation of Lenin, Stalin and Hitler imagined that socialist economy would create this new kind of men. Deeper socialist thinkers like Gramsci, Lukacks and the Frankfurtians saw in this a dangerous economicist mistake. The soul of the "new man" would not be born from socialism, but should come before it and create it.»

«Today's international socialism looks less for the creation of socialist regimes and more for the installation of a global complex of mutations in civil society, morals, family relations. The change in the order of priorities caused a harmonic change in the strategy and choice of means. Formerly, the essential tool of the revolutionary movement was a ideologically monolitical party. Today, it is a variety of leftist parties, disconnected in appearance. It is the international networks of NGOs, the "social movements", the large international organs

He describes very accurately an assault. It is the intentful construction of these movements, not intellectually from within the cultures where they are attempting to establish them, but with their origins in the leftist elitist complex of doner organizations, influencial personalities, and institutional connections. It is worse than the pre-Luther church of Rome it intends the non-beneficial modification of human nature from which it can parasitically steer peoples lives to fit their fears, not their faith, and certainly not one which places the individual at the center of their own decision-making, or asks them to think with any great moral depth. Typically the very aid that these groups made them dependant on becomes the reason that they have to play along with hairshirt blanquitos who march the indians out in front of them for the sake of appearance.

It also explains why the engagement of the US with the world at large is so offensive and roubling to the far left.

«Once the strategic line of action is understood, it is easy to follow the players in the game, from the appearant confusion of public debates to their common origin in offices of strategic planning invariably linked to the UN and a certain number of billionaire foundations with which they are associated and even some nation States which, discretely and not without ambiguities, give support for the process. Today, there is not one "cause", or slogan for the revolutionary fight or for "social change" that has not originated in technical and consultive committees outside any popular and electoral control.

These ideas are then spread throughout the many nations as spontaneous products of nonpersonal historical movements, if not products of divine providence itself. Feminist revolt, abortism, racial quotas, gay movements, agrarian revolution, indianism, enviromentalism, antismoking, liberation of heavy drugs, all the flags that are waved in the world can be traced back from the public scene down to their discrete origins in the circles of enlightened internationalism

The only real internationalism is that of free though inculcated from many sources, and involving a great deal of communication and often lonely but very personal and serious scholarship - not forced on the mind from a university somewhere in the North of England of from Michigan, and certainly not fed to groups.
«And to spread them, the means are not reduced to "networks" extending up to the infinite, but there is an entire millionaire burocratic system: the UN even has college courses to form technicians in "creation of social movements" in the Third World. All of them "spontaneous movements" of course, and for a spontanous miracle, harmonized in the whole conception of a new order in civilization.»
A brave new world forced on people who dont generally see the whole picture or goal, and without their consent. No wonder theyre starting among the poorest and among the under-developed nations of the world. They are preying on the weakest the way heroine pushers do.

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