Monday, June 06, 2005

Robert Mugabe, violator of the Umma's Dignity

«In Hatfield Extension, more than 6,000 people lost their homes on police order last Sunday. No houses or shops remain standing, and a community mosque was destroyed
Wheres the outrage? Wheres the UN?
«Where houses once stood are piles of plastic sheeting and splinters of lumber. Shops built of concrete have been reduced to rubble. A Catholic day-care center for AIDS orphans has been destroyed. And the residents, worn out after days of living among the ruins and nights spent outside in the cold, sit mournfully among the shattered remnants of their lives.»
Also from Tim Bleyah this taking of the mickey out of the agnostic outrage at the possible possibility of violations against Islam:
«Michelle Malkin notes that details of Guantanamo detainees mishandling their own Korans were buried in this AP report. Hey, at least the Koranic self-abusers were mentioned ... which is more than you can say about reports at ITV, Scotlands Sunday Herald, Radio Free Europe, the UK Daily Telegraph, Japan Today, the Detroit Free Press, the Iranian Quran Newsagency, Newsday, Haaretz, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

The New York Times gave one line to the detainees desecrationsome 1208 words into its 1290-word piece. Jimmy Hoffa aint buried as deep. Higher priority is given to this:

The military released the findings of the investigation about 7:15 p.m., Eastern time, well after the broadcasts of the network television evening news programs. A Pentagon spokesman, Bryan Whitman, denied that the military was trying to bury bad news late on a Friday night, a tactic often used by government agencies.

The military has nothing on the NYT when it comes to burying bad news. Even The Guardian is fairer, running the terrible information after only a few paragraphs. The LA Times has greater detail, also flagged far earlier than in the NYT.»

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