Thursday, June 09, 2005

Deplete this, swampy...

Why don’t you hear about Ozone Depletion anymore? Because it not politically useful to leftist anymore, and it was a total scam.

«Despite all the information you may have read, there is not one shred of supportable evidence that CFCs have found their way 40 miles up above the Earth. No one has ever found any up there because they are roughly five times heavier than air. They are like a brick in a swimming pool. It is not often that you will see a brick floating to the surface of your pool. CFCs are so dense that even as a gas you could fill a bucket with it and pour the contents of one bucket into another. Secondly there is no evidence that they can destroy anything because they are very stable and unreactive substances. Most dictionaries and chemistry books describe them as inert gases.»
That’s right, something 5 times heavier than air magically ended up in the iso-ionosphere. I guess those spray cans have a 40 mile range that only obvious to all of those kids who failed math.
So if the complaints about ground level ozone won't tip off someone carrying a sign and shouting their head off, what will?

But like all crazed zealots, giving up is not easy. Expect to see sandwich panels with “The world is ending” on people wearing Sierra Club T-shirts at a railway station near you:
«There is, too, another difficulty with the theory: the fact that all the CFCs in the world are insufficient to even dent the known amount of ozone. The factor is 1 in 100,000. So we get told of yet another scenario – that in some imagined chain reaction, chlorine would keep on getting released by the UV until all the ozone was destroyed. But even if we supposed that this could happen, then all of these reactions going on would only further absorb UV, protecting us even more. We would right now be dying from lack of UV light and vitamin D deficiency.»
The cost of dealing with this little bit of Greenie hurt-feelings and bad science went into the billions world-wide - billions that could have been spent giving protesters shower facilities and dental attention. Greenleft Weekly has yet to issue an apology.

Tip o’ hat to John Ray.

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