Friday, September 02, 2005

Yet more of that false piety

…and the source of it seems to be endless. Did they play these little games with themselves when they thought of the Sri Lankan government after the Tsunami?

Probably with a great deal of enthusiasm, RNW’s Robert Greene cites the following dippiness from the Dutch paper De Telegaaf:


And look: De Telegraaf, on an inside page, reports that Cuban president Fidel Castro, who has little reason to worry about US misfortunes, has nevertheless expressed his "deep solidarity" with the American public, the local authorities and the victims of Katrina. A minute's silence in the Cuban parliament: would the US Congress have done the same if the shoe had been on the other foot?»
On the other hand his imperialist running-dog poodle Hugo Chavez takes an active and helpful position – offering aid in anger with no plan on following up.

This reminds me of a woman friend of mine who would only seek advice about men from her perpetually angry lesbian friends. It had the mask of seeming reasonable, until it became obvious that nothing but irrational hostility was all that the poor sucker ended up with. It’s no surprise that she always ended up confused, alone, and wondering what the hell happened. The same might happen at De Telegraaf. When you're taught to do nothing but make demands, others learn to do nothing but refuse.

Let’s not forget that Castro repeatedly refused relief aid from the US, Mr. Greene. What about a moment of silence for the poor firefighting and forest management techniques practiced across western Europe every year? Someone want to show these guys what a firebreak is? Or how to enforce building codes? Or something equally embarassing to the bileous echo-chamber of the European press?

Meanwhile, my spy in Texas heard some puzzling moon-battery on the radio, and had this to say about modern theosidy, which resembles whining by those who's last emotional refuge seems to be some sort of deus ex machina coming in to salvage their egos:
«Yesterday. A guy called in who said the reason the hurricane hit America was because we "forced" Israel to give up the Gaza strip. God zapped America for the Gaza.

Didn't the Nation of Islam leader just say God sent the hurricane to America because we support Israel?

And the chaos that is New Orleans is beyond belief. Notice you aren't hearing any of that from Mississippi which was actually harder hit?

Sad to say, New Orleans has a long and earned reputation for lawlessness and government corruption. Those chickens have come home to roost. The weak and the innocent are being preyed on by the depraved.»
Quite seriously, Euro-press gadflies, dictators, miscellaneous twerps and the kooks calling radio talk shows should all just shut up, sit down, and stay out of the way when grown-ups have work to do.

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