Saturday, September 03, 2005

Walesa wonders why he needs to become a socialist again.

25 years ago Walesa managed to make Poland's dictatorial communist regime back down. Poland would become the first domino in the eastern block to fall. What he sees now is a west trying to dispose of the privelege that he risked his life for - the right of an individual to try to make a decent living:

«Walesa is indignant about the attitude of the Left in the West who are trying to stop Poles from finding jobs in Western Europe. “The Polish worker who symbolised the struggle for freedom 25 years ago is now seen by many West Europeans as posing a threat to their social priviliges,” says Walesa.»
How quickly those trying to enshrine their personal social priveledges in law forget - Walesa for one seems like a man who doesn't want to see Poland with a new master turning people back into mere cogs in a socialist machine.

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