Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Piece of CIA Treachery Hammers into France

When faced with people dissing America (or, if you want to be cute, its government), I used to joke that everything is the fault of America (or the CIA), including the neighbor's dog who was killed crossing the street.

It turns out I am not that far from reality…

Not only is hurricane Katrina is the fault of Bush (or Uncle Sam), so was the 1999 storm that hammered France. In fact, the latter turns out to have been a CIA weapon deployed to harm the French economy and counteract the government's courageous decision to oppose globalization and GM foods, etc, a weapon which forced Lionel Jospin to make "a 180º turn" in his government's policy, such as his dastardly decision to …privatize France's electricity company! Moreover, the Americans' traditional treachery can be seen in that the storm occurred at night!

Hervé adds:

And the worst of all: to avoid any criticism and people getting the clue, ze horrible Américains gave tens of millions euros to help reforestation in France, as in Versailles for example... See how evil zey are!
But a climate weapon against a piece of American territory? Hmmm… let's see: is Louisiana a red state or is it a blue state? Hmmm…

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