Sunday, August 28, 2005

The leftist "revolutionalry spirit" coming home to roost

In Canada, after years of “revolutionary feeling” and leftist stridency, it’s become politically acceptable to consort with a terrorist group, and then weasel out of it afterwards.

In a letter to a radio host in Winnipeg, Bruce Vallance tells a chilling tale of the FLQ bombing attack on Military Headquarters in Ottawa. “Kill those big, bad soldiers” the sentiment always is, because of what they seem to represent to bomb placing agitators who can’t seem to differentiate between an innocent bystander and an innocent target.

«During the FLQ crisis I was stationed at Canadian Forces HQ in Ottawa. The bomb they placed outside of my office window was meant to kill those in the room and I suppose make a statement.

They succeeded only too well. The lady they killed was not only a co-worker, but also a friend.

After I picked myself up off the floor some thirty feet from where I was standing I saw my friend laying on the floor. I remember kneeling in a pool of her blood trying desperately to staunch the flow. Her eyes seemed to be pleading for me to help her.

This tiny middle aged French Canadian single mother of two who had been so happy. She had been talking for several days about her up coming vacation. The first in twenty years. Now she lay struggling to breath through her torn throat. Desperately I tried to staunch the flow of blood. I watched as the light in her eyes slowly dimmed and then disappeared. Here was a grown man and soldier kneeling in the welter of her blood crying like a baby as I cradled her in my arms.»
That’s right, the new Governor General stuck up for a secretive organization which is trying break a nation up, and now is trying to slink out of the real indicator of her trustworthiness and judgment. A brief look at the past few Governor General illustrates quite clearly what the job requirements are: the right PC image.

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