Monday, September 12, 2005

Where’s Bono? All is Bono, and he is everywhere

From practitioners of recreational compassion to abject liars - the euro-media claims to be sending aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina, but they really aren't. DW prattled on about sending 40 tons of aid, but put into a meaningful context, it's half of the mass of a 747's luggage hold. Never mind that they find a way to link the issues with any other lefty hobby horse they have on the air, but trying to leave no trace of it in print.

Meanwhile the BBC continues to use a natural disaster covering an area nearly as large as the UK for their pedantic vendetta against President George Bush.

Here’s a handy guide to looking at the European press’ output:

Suspect a pathological liar if:

the stories seem too dramatic or unrealistic
the lies seem to serve no purpose except to impress people or
the lies can easily be shown up
Remember, use this knowledge only for good, and never, never, for evil.

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