Saturday, September 17, 2005

"Content specially written for citizens"

E.U. political parasites, the tippy-top icing on an overly tall layer cake or goofy truisms, are feigning humanity by blogging.

Good luck kids, you sure have “the look” down pat.

«Katrina the storm has left people in despair, not only in the area directly affected, but around the world. What is happening to our climate? How do we prevent disasters? Why can‘t we help the poorest? This disaster unveiled the economic and social inequalities of the superpower and people do not like what they see…»
All about Europe, indeed… If that’s not amusing enough there’s always the wonderful world of comments from actual people - that to most politicians is like a cross to a vampire:
«Margot: "Forgive me for the following outburst! ... SO LITTLE OF ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED!"

I congratulate you. Your post is simply beyond parody. Liberal Larry himself( couldn't have done any better.

Margot: "Some of you criticise the Commission for not consulting or listening to people. "

Some of us would prefer if the Commission simply didn't exist at all.

The Tranzi world-view is the problem, not the solution.»
It gets even better. Some of it is just priceless.
«The entire EU farce is moving us all inexorably and inevitably to economic collapse, with its restrictive and destructive controls, clearly the EUro has been a failure, the EU is the most likely cause of war in Europe in the next 10 years.

You are risking the death of 200,000,000 people in Europe from economic collapse, disease and famine whilst you swan around having meetings of your obscene self interest groups.
[ ... ]
C'mon boys and girls: join in. Let's apply some 'people pressure' and try to turn anodyne platitudes into effective debate. Who knows, we may even get a Peter Mandelson blog. Now, that would be interesting...»
Down with the dominant paradigm!

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