Sunday, September 11, 2005

Another "Poodle" Who Sent His Troops to Join Bush's in Iraq Is Punished with… Electoral Victory

Based on exit polls on September 11, the LDP's Junichiro Koizumi has won a decisive victory in the elections in Japan.

Following Australia's John Howard; following America's George W Bush; following Denmark's Anders Fogh Rasmussen; following Italy's Silvio Berlusconi; following Britain's Tony Blair; and with the singular exception of Spain's José Maria Aznar (and that only because of a series of bombs strategically set off three days before the election derailed large-scale predictions of a PP victory); yet another ally in the war on terror, one whose troops are engaged with the Coalition of the Willing with boots on the ground in Iraq, has won a national election, and indeed has won by a landslide.

Every time I have noted this list of victories, I get laconic comments saying that the respective leader's popularity had little to nothing to do with his country's troops' presence in Iraq. Maybe. Still, two comments. The list of allies winning elections is getting pretty long. And if nothing else, that long list should show those obsessed with Bush and America that their view of the situation seems to be shared just about… nowhere. That would seem to mean that it's not only Bush and the Americans; there are a lot of poodles and clueless retards in the world for the avant-garde humanists to educate.

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