Monday, September 12, 2005

Etats-Unis: Un Colosse Aux Pieds D'argile ? – Is the U.S. a Giant With Feet of Clay?

According to France 5 the answer is: of course, do you think we would air anything on the U.S. otherwise? Doesn’t Serge’s Head Tilt give it all away?

«Qu'a révélé le cyclone Katrina ? Une Amérique raciste et la fin
de son hyperpuissance ? Est-ce un nouveau "11 septembre" ou
une catastrophe naturelle ? George W. Bush doit-il "déposer le bilan" ? Est-il fini ?»

On September 11th, a few of those arrogant self appointed big-brain types that France is so well known for decided that this would be a good time to engage in the usual class and nationality hatred on the air, and inviting viewers to gripe in a forum with the usual fashion with the usual arguments, much in the way a five-year-old takes comfort in repeating the same joke over and over.
«11 septembre 2001

Il y a quatre ans, jour pour jour, à New York, les tours jumelles s'écroulaient dans un nuage de poussière et de larmes. On découvrait alors, stupéfaits, abasourdis, une Amérique frappée au cœur, vulnérable. On découvrait alors une force terroriste capable de défier la plus grande puissance du monde.»
Riposte de Choc

It’s a good thing that this is what they think of as an intellectual assault on America. It has the appearance of a hen party after that had 2 Margueritas too many.

At the end of the show the presenter looked at European Regional Chairman of Republicans Abroad, Robert Pingeon and said something to the effect of “You, who speak French so well, I am sure you realized that everything we say about America is colored by our love affair with her” Pingeon calmly replied: “Well, I must have missed that” and said he’d have to watch the show again later to see if he had indeed missed something. Indeed he did. There is no love in the pretext he uses to convince himself of his abusiveness, and there certainly aren’t many facts.

The French panel wouldn’t let Pingeon finish more than 2 sentences at a time, for fear of him saying anything balanced, realistic, or convincing. Repeating a moronic statistical fiction circulating in American leftist circles, Jake Lamar, an American who hasn’t lived in the U.S. for 12 years, quoted the NY Times and said W. had created 17% more poor in the USA than before. With purchasing power rising, and unemployment below 5%, (less than half of Germany and France), it’s an impossibly stupid argument that hinged on 17 percent of black people in the US not getting poorer, but not getting more well off as quickly as the top quintile, even though the income growth itself exceeded inflation. It also would require one to believe that the entire U.S. population is black. So in the lefty mind, of course, no racism could ever exist since only white males could be racist, and every last one of them IS a racist in their minds.

The president, does even have a way of ‘creating poverty’ without it being stupidly obvious and politically suicidal. It’s one of the looniest bits of leftist received wisdom out there, and not only did the NYT repeat it, but an American who appears to have it in for his fellow citizens has no problem parroting it on TV abroad.

Lamar, on his website refers to himself as the ‘leading writer of his generation’, indicating of course that as an American that this is how he’s seen in the U.S. An amazing assertion given that hardly a soul, even among black writers and readers, hardly registers a blip if they pay any attention to him at all outside of fans of mystery novels.

Emmanuel Todd (the hatemonger is shown left) went on an on about how the U.S.’ pernicious flaw of not being European. Add to that the childish outbusts of Philippe Golub repeating over and over that the USA and Bush are finished – whatever it is that he thinks that actually means. When will he be honest enough to admit that a president in the US only gets 8 years? Bear in mind that Todd makes his living bashing the US abroad, possibly the least challenging task on earth, and easier than selling cut-rate heroine in Sarselles.

According to Todd, the decline of America has begun. While he was hogging airtime, you could see him smiling to himself once his little diatribes were over. Just grinning like a kid who’d just put one over on someone. Little do they know that the only people on the other side of the puddle paying attention to them are laughing, and are only mildly concerned about how this fits in with their benighted incitement and hate speech laws, and wondering if they will be met at the ferry with an ASBO.

Despicable all around. Think for a moment about the arguments that they were trying to make, and how small in scope and intellect their world really is.

This post written with the former E-nough-ista, Valerie.

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