Saturday, September 17, 2005

More bursting pustules than ever before

If you think this follows the profile of global warming, please let me know how.

The BBC has nearly become an amusement park of contorted arguments. For the past two days the radio news has reported on a UN report looking at US reporting data calling out an astronomical rise in category 4 and 5 hurricanes over the past twenty years.

Myopia suggests that they compared it to the 1970-1979 era, which, as we know had no pollution at all in it. Leaded gasoline, apparently, absorbs CO2 if we read their conclusions correctly, unless it was maybe petroleum based polyester golf slacks, those ugly-as-hell Opels, and the last of the Dodge Darts…
«Records for the past 35 years show that hurricanes have got stronger in recent times, according to a global study.

This fits with mounting evidence which suggests the biggest storms around the world - hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones - are intensifying.

Some US scientists say that greenhouse warming may be driving the most severe events, such as Katrina, although more research is needed to be sure.»
Unamed scientists, and erm, might…

Surely they don’t believe that they’ve softened people’s minds that much, that a piddling pronouncement paragraph like that is imparting any information at all, do they? If there was NEWS, they would report it. If that wanted you to think they were cuddly concerned teddy bears who just want to be loved, they would run a pandering article and repeating the same nonsense in the news on an hourly basis for three days.

As they would like to see it.

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