Thursday, August 25, 2005

Yet another Peter Paul and Mary Party of Canada.

No, not Greens. These children-injured-within are a new Canadian Political party has been formed, and might last longer than 4-5 weeks before phobic strangeness sets in. The “Cosmopolitans” are busy promoting fuzzy spirituality and greenie Luddism, and are a sort of ‘Links Partei’ for the cold, perpetually angry north. I’m not surprised. This should give the left of center liberal party which is otherwise still rather loony a bit of relief by siphoning off the most embarrassing of the lot. I’m sure they were hoping that the Green Party will do the trick, but they were too single-issue to include everything that will magically come in the Age of Aquarius.

I have NEVER heard of a political party promoting religion in North America before, even if it is an undistinguishable blob, let alone something resembling a cult based on the handout at an Interfaith meeting in a Unitarian Church basement.

Basically it amounts to nothing. People who wouldn’t hurt a fly from one leftist cultural faction convince another one that everyone who looks like them has good intentions (unless they’re white), largely because on their stated confession, or the religion of their childhood.

Either way they think they can second guess what someone will think, do, and feel based on their religion, skin color, and nation of origin. This makes them slightly bigoted morons. And of course, this is haram.

After all, never mind the man behind the curtain who fits their notion of what “the oppressed” are supposed to look like.

With a big ol’ “call to action” for the Aquarians, you can be sure that if they represent anything, it’s a political faction easily manipulated from the outside in the form of nondescript International pity. Let’s show them, say, some smiling Taliban faces, explain to them their poverty, and get them their very own proponents on Parliament Hill.

Now, if you'll excuse me, this whole story makes me want to release the Chi from my lower intestine.

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